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Whether you’re looking for native ingredients to make a traditional Australian meal or are simply making a conscious effort to support local brands, The Essential Ingredient stocks a wide collection of bush foods and native Australian ingredients. From whole and ground pepperberries to lemon myrtle sprinkle, dried Davidson plums and more, you’ll find an exciting range of native Australian products in our online store. Browse the collection today.


Discover the flavours of native ingredients

Bush foods and native Australian ingredients have been a crucial part of Australian culture and cooking for tens of thousands of years. 

If you’ve never cooked with a native Australian food ingredient, lemon myrtle is a terrific place to start. With an intense citrus smell and a fresh grassy taste, lemon myrtle mixes perfectly with olive oil — giving seafood and poultry an aromatic citrus kick – as well as adding a herbacious zing to fresh desserts like gelato or fruit salad. We stock lemon myrtle products from the largest supplier of Australian native produce, The Australian Native Food Co., as well our own in-house lemon myrtle products.

Used as food and medicine for generations, rosellas are another native ingredient that’s easy to use, and delicious in many applications. A species of hibiscus and rich in antioxidants, rosellas can be used to make delicious jams, teas, chutneys, cocktails and desserts. Our freeze-dried rosella from The Australian Superfood Co — preserve their natural flavours and nutrients for months. 

In addition to our lemon myrtle and rosella products, you’ll also find whole or ground mountain pepperberries for seasoning anything from fish to chicken and roast vegetables, as well as sweet freeze-dried quandong, Kaduku plums, desert lime and much more. 


Shop our range of native Australian food ingredients today

As a proudly Australian company made up of passionate chefs and foodies, we have taken time to carefully curate our selection of bush foods and native Australian ingredients. Whether you’re looking for sandalwood nuts, flaked cinnamon myrtle, powdered strawberry gum or any of a host of other native ingredients, you’ll find everything you need to create a truly Australian spice rack. Browse our collection online today and enjoy easy local and international delivery.  


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