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Piping Bags & Nozzles

No chef’s arsenal would be complete without quality piping bags. Perfect for icing ca ... Read more

Piping Bags & Nozzles

No chef’s arsenal would be complete without quality piping bags. Perfect for icing cakes, piping out perfect macarons, filling cannoli, ravioli and other stuffed dishes, a piping bag has many uses. Whether you’re an avid cake baker and decorator or just need a piping bag to add the perfect daubs of jus to your molecular gastronomy masterpiece, we’ve got you covered. 

Create beautiful, intricate designs with piping bag nozzles 

If you’ve ever marvelled at a perfectly piped three-tier cake adorned with ornate borders, piped buttercream roses and all the trimmings, a piping bag set has everything you need to start mastering the art of cake decoration. Equipped with strong, sturdy piping bags and a variety of piping bag nozzles, you can let your imagination run wild and begin experimenting with fluted nozzles, and star-shaped tips, creating decorative borders, a variety of piped flowers, and other gorgeous details. Choose from professional-grade stainless steel or polypropylene piping bag nozzles to suit your preference. Make meringues, savoury mousses and more a visual feast with beautiful designs you create with your piping bag nozzles

Shop sustainable and reusable piping bags for all your baking needs

Our selection of reusable piping bags from Loyal offers a durable casing for pastries, icings, fillings and more, that won’t balloon or burst under pressure. The plastic-coated cotton base is easy to use and clean again and again. If you need multiple disposable bags on the go, look no further than the biodegradable green piping bags in our collection. 

Crafted from a food-safe EPI OXO biodegradable plastic, these bags can be microwaved, frozen and stored, before being disposed of for a hygienic and environmentally friendly solution. All of our biodegradable and reusable piping bags can be used with or without speciality tips, giving you the freedom to create in the kitchen. 

Discover piping bags and nozzles, kitchen essentials and more from The Essential Ingredient

When it comes to equipping the modern baker with everything they need, The Essential Ingredient has you covered. From niche kitchen gadgets to high quality, reliable piping bags and every other baking essential you could ever want, you’ll find it all in our carefully curated selection. 

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