Mother's Day breakfast ideas

Mother's Day breakfast ideas

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Celebrating mothers isn't something that should be relegated to one day of the year, but any excuse for a little extra showering of love is an opportunity we're keen to embrace. And while Mother's Day can also be a difficult day for some, reflecting on our mothers, our own parental journeys, and any of the amazing women in our lives is the kind of special experience that is best paired with a special meal. Breakfast in bed has become a punchline in recent years, the often cobbled-together meal showcasing overcooked eggs and cold coffee, and leaving an apocalyptic mess in the kitchen. But with a little care and some specially selected ingredients, you can give the amazing mother in your life the breakfast she deserves. Some of our favourite ideas for a decadent and festive breakfast or brunch include:

Whatever you choose to cook for your favourite mum, a few carefully selected ingredients can transform a disappointing breakfast into a truly celebratory spread. Visit your nearest The Essential Ingredient store for more inspiration, or shop online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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