Make a memorable Mother's Day brunch

Make a memorable Mother's Day brunch

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A fancy brunch is one of the nicest ways to spoil mum on Mother’s Day and, let’s be honest, all year round. But your mum also deserves something a little more special than watery eggs, cold toast and limp bacon.

With a few special ingredients and a little inspiration (taken from all around the world), you can create a truly memorable spread that’ll truly show your favourite mum exactly how much you care about her.

These are a few of our favourite ideas for this year’s Mother’s Day brunch:

– If mum’s lucky enough to be getting a glass of sparkling with her brunch, add a few Maison Fossier ‘Pink Biscuits’ de Reims on the side. While they’re beautifully crispy and subtly flavoured on their own, they come to life (in both colour and flavour) when dunked into a glass of champagne.

– Shake up your egg game. Instead of a couple of hard boiled eggs or some over-poached eggs, serve up some devilled eggs, sprinkled with our beautifully smoky aleppo pepper.

 Brick pastry, a traditional Tunisian ingredient, makes a great, light wrapper for your favourite fillings. We’ve gone with our dried porcini mushrooms (rehydrated in boiling water), goat’s cheese and fresh thyme for something just as crunchy and Autumnal as the leaves outside.

– There’s plenty of Royals news lately, so we’re adding a little celebration to the table with Coronation chicken sandwiches. Mix shredded chicken with mayonnaise and our curry powder, then spread over bread with a few spoonfuls of our beautiful mango and saffron chutney, and a little pile of watercress.

– Fry our delicious corn tortillas in oil for a few seconds and transform them into crisp, round chips that make a perfect base for flathead ceviche, topped with shaved radishes and Drunken Sailor Jalapeno and Tequila Relish.

Make your Mother’s Day brunch a real gift by building the menu around mum’s favourite cuisines, flavours and ingredients. Whether you’re looking for ingredients or just a little inspiration, The Essential Ingredient can help.

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