Four top tips for your next Sunday roast

Four top tips for your next Sunday roast

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There’s nothing more classic than a roast.

Whether it’s friends sharing a table for a special occasion, or the whole family gathered on the weekend, nothing brings people together like a roast.

The ceremonial carving begins the feast, followed by eager arms reaching across the table for the mountains of vegetables and salads.

The classic roast is as versatile as it is delicious. If a rolled shoulder of crackling-covered pork stuffed with nuts and dried berries sounds like too much work, a humble chicken with perfectly golden duck fat potatoes will prove equally popular.

Roast potatoes: The most delicious roast potatoes: boil potatoes for two minutes, toss roughly in flour then roast in a hot tray with our French-made duck fat. Sprinkle with truffle salt and serve.

Pickled seasonal vegetables: Lightly pickled seasonal vegetables are a great counter to the richness of the roast chicken and potatoes, such as cucumbers dressed with white wine vinegar, walnut oil and fresh dill.

Truffle roasted chicken: Every festival needs a main event, and so it is with the Sunday roast. Whether it’s a leg of lamb, a crackling-covered shoulder of pork, a rare roast beef, a whole duck or the ever-popular chicken, a little bit of extra care and some special ingredients can elevate it to something truly special.

For a special occasion, upgrade your next roast chicken by spreading a spoonful of S.Z. Tartufi Truffle Salsa under the skin. But be warned: you’ll need to add a few more seats to the table.

Pan gravy: A quality roasting pan makes cooking your meat easy, letting everything caramelise and brown without getting stuck to the cookware. But the best thing is, once the cooking’s done, deglaze the pan with verjuice for the simplest and most delicious of pan sauces!

To deglaze, use a splash of verjuice, wine, balsamic vinegar or stock. 

A roast shared with friends is the epitome of comfort food, both humble and celebratory and perfect for any occasion. Take your roast to the next level with quality cookware the best ingredients, available from your nearest The Essential Ingredient store. Or buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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