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Recipe: Bottarga butter

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Bottarga, known as the ‘caviar of the South’ is as fundamental to Sardinian cooking as wasabi is to Japanese. While this air-dried mullet roe is perfect simply grated over pasta, vegetables or grilled seafood, its umami saltiness is also wonderful with meat.

This bottarga butter is easy to make, and perfect served atop your favourite steak.

Pilu’s Bottarga di Muggine is made in Australia from wild-caught mullet. Produced by renowned chef Giovanni Pilu, it captures the essence of Sardinia.

Ingredients (serves 190g)

  • 125g unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1 lobe (60g) Pilu Bottarga di Muggine
  • 2 tsp sea salt flakes

Place the room temperature butter into a bowl. Peel skin from one lobe (half a packet) of bottarga, and grate over butter. Add salt and stir very well to combine.

Lay a sheet of plastic wrap on your work surface and spoon butter mix into centre. Use plastic wrap to create a tight cylinder and seal at both ends.

Refrigerate until solid (at least one hour).

To serve, remove plastic wrap and cut discs of butter. Serve on top of rested steak.

Bottarga butter will keep in the fridge for one week and can also be used on baked fish, mussels, roast vegetables and pasta. 

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