Newcastle Cheese Counter

The Essential Ingredient Newcastle stocks a huge range of Australian and imported cheese. We have more than 200 cheeses on our stock list, including exclusive local brands you won’t find in any other shops in the region.

We get fresh deliveries every week, so our stock is constantly being updated.

We are one of the few places left where you are encouraged to taste the cheeses before you buy. We want to be sure you’ll love what you choose.

Our staff are cheese experts. Among those likely to serve you in the food counter, we have a cheese educator and regular cheese judge at the Royal Easter Show, professional chefs and caterers. They know their cheese and can offer great advice about how to serve it and what to serve it with to bring out their fantastic flavours.

We cut and wrap the cheese to the size you want. You get the amount you need, not what someone else decides is convenient.

And of course, we have the delicatessen and specialty products to enhance your platter, from cured meats, poultry and fish to preserves, jam, chutneys, vinegars, oils, biscuits and breads.

Come in and talk to us about our range, and how we can help you choose your cheese.

Cheese styles and brands we regularly stock include

Butter and Cream

Pepe Saya butter, mascarpone, crème fraiche

Gillot Semi salted and salted

Fresh and Stretched curd

Vannella mozzarella, baby bocconcini, scamorza, ricotta, curd

Jannei goat curd, ricotta, miette, buche noir, buche blanc

Shaw River mozzarella

White mould

Holy goat – Brigid’s Well, La Luna, Barrel

Woodside Charleston

Delice de Cremiers


Brillat Savarin

Brie de Nangis

L’artisan Extravagant

Delice aux Truffles

Apostle Whey Loch Ard Gorgeous

Washed rind

L’artisan Mountain Man

Milawa King River gold






Woodside Vigernon

Brebirousse d’Argental

Munter Gerome

Blue mould

Berry’s Creek (Tarwin, Bellingham, Mossvale and Riverine Blue)





Bleu d’Avergne

Queso Valdeon

Prom Country Venus Blue



Quickes Cheddar

Montgomery Cheddar

Cabot Cheddar

Semi hard

La Dame

Al Barolo

Chevre d’Aquitaine

Cornish Yarg



Heidi Gruyere

Section 28 Mont Priscilla


Ossau Iraty

Mezcla Curado


Hard Cooked


Truffled pecorino

Parmigiano Reggiano

Mimolette Vieille

Grana Padano DOP