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Whether raw, dried, powdered or in a sauce, lovers of all things hot and spicy know that chillies can add not only heat, but huge amounts of flavour. As avid heat-seekers, we’ve curated a selection of some of our favourite chilli products online. From chilli jams to spicy chilli sauces, pickled chillies, dried whole chillies, hot chilli powder and so much more, The Essential Ingredient is the best place to find high-quality and delicious chilli products in Australia. Browse our entire range online today. 


Add a bit of spice to your life at The Essential Ingredient

Not only do chillies add a whole lot of flavour and complexity to any meal, they’re also packed with nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. Whether you’re making a tasty Indian curry, spicy seafood pasta, Korean fried chicken, a vegetable stir fry, authentic Mexican tacos or anything else with a kick to it, chillies are a must-have in any kitchen. Including dried, fresh, flaked or powdered, The Essential Ingredient is the perfect place to find chillies in Australia.

Our wide range of chilli products online are guaranteed to take your dishes to the next level. With a whole selection of dried whole chillies to choose from, you can customise the spiciness, smokiness and flavour boost in your stews, marinades, soups and homemade sauces. 

For those looking for a ready-made spicy sauce, choose from authentic French Creole and Portuguese Piri Piri chilli sauces — the perfect glazes for chicken rolls, barbeques or any fiery meal. And, of course, no pantry is complete without a jar of chilli flakes. Adding an aromatic zing and a mild smoky heat, chilli flakes are a vibrant spice used to add heat and colour to Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Asian dishes.


The place to buy chillies online in Australia

From northern Spain to Turkey, the Philippines, Mexico and beyond, our collection of chilli products online has been sourced from the world’s most highly regarded chilli regions, bringing our customers the best range in Australia. Whether you’re looking to buy dried chillies, hot chilli powder or pickled jalapenos, you’ll find exactly what you’re after at The Essential Ingredient. Browse our entire collection online today! 


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