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Quality bakeware is the foundation on which you can build your next culinary masterpiece. Whether you’re planning a roast or want to attempt the perfect golden-brown cannelle, take your skills up a notch with baking pans, cake tins and more from our collection at The Essential Ingredient. 


Discover our range of baking pans and tins online

Our range of bakeware has been curated to include all the essentials for a well-appointed kitchen. From clever non-stick baking tins for making sheet cakes and slices, to cake tins in all shapes and sizes, you’ll find the right bakeware for the job in our online store.  

Keen bakers will love the simplicity of our fluted non-stick tart tins, which make removing and presenting pies and tarts as simple as can be. Choose an imported Italian fluted cake tin with non-stick technology and a dishwasher safe surface, or take your bread and dough game up a notch with specialty pans for focaccia and pizza; certain to give you a crispy, delicious result. 


Quality bakeware is the best sous chef

You’ve assembled all your ingredients, checked your recipe and whisked your egg whites to hard-peaked perfection. The last thing you need is to be let down by poor quality bakeware. Investing in reliable baking pans and tins ensures even heat induction and gives your batters and fillings the best results in the oven, time and time again. As avid bakers and foodies ourselves, our team has selected every baking tin in our selection for its high-performance materials, excellent usability and practicality. 


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Our online store makes it easy to stock your kitchen with everything you need, including bakeware, specialty ingredients and the best kitchen equipment. As passionate foodies, we’ve brought together the best from international and Australian food merchants, offering you a variety of fine quality pantry goods, baking tools and extraordinary ingredients to help elevate your everyday cooking. Make your selection from our curated range today or get in touch for expert advice on all things culinary


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