What to do with Vincotto

What to do with Vincotto

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Vincotto is a simple reduction of unfermented wine grape must. It is produced by reducing the must to about 1/5 of its original volume over many hours. While not a vinegar in itself, it is often used as the base for many different vinegars including balsamic. The gentle acidity of vincotto also makes it suitable for dressings and marinades, while the intense sweetness allows it to be used on a host of desserts from vanilla ice cream to stone fruits.

Vincotto with Fresh Fruit

Gentle acids and fruits of all kinds marry perfectly together, but for those who shy away from the intensity of vinegar, vincotto might just be the solution. Grilled peach with a drizzle of vincotto or a watermelon and fetta salad finished with a fresh mint and vincotto dressing make for the perfect Summer side dish.

Vincotto with Meats

“Sticky”, “syrupy”, “sweet” and “tangy” are all flavours that we want to consider when making a marinade or barbecue sauce. Fortunately vincotto has all of these flavours covered. Vincotto is such a great supporter of flavour that the sky is the limit when it comes to adding fresh herbs and spices. Crush some garlic and chilli, add orange zest and pepper, pour on generous amounts of vincotto and olive oil and you have yourself a simple yet delicious marinade for meats.

Whether you grill or roast your meats you will get exceptional results. If you roast them remember that all those wonderful ingredients can be deglazed from the bottom of your roasting pan with a little vegetable stock.

Vincotto with Cheese

Vincotto can also be utilised as a condiment for cheese. Whether you like fresh milk cheeses like goat’s curd or something more intense like Parmesans or cheddar a drizzle of vincotto will send your taste buds into overdrive. The balanced acidity and sweetness is a more measured alternative to fruit pastes and relishes which can be overwhelmingly sugary for some.

Other Exciting Ideas with Vincotto

Fold a tablespoon of vincotto with double cream and serve with macerated strawberries.

Use vincotto instead of maple syrup on pancakes with a generous dollop of créme fraiche.

Toss sliced roast beetroot with watercress, orange segments, and walnuts with olive oil and vincotto for a vibrant summer salad.

Mix a quarter of a cup of vincotto with a jug of the classic Pimm’s cocktail.

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