How to select the right pan for cooking

How to select the right pan for cooking

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A tradesperson is only as good as their tools, and the same is true of a cook and their cookware.

Skill and experience are valuable traits in the kitchen, and using the finest ingredients is integral. But perfectly cooking a steak will never be easy on a substandard frypan, regardless of the quality of the meat.

Whether you’re looking for an everyday non-stick frypan, a set of saucepans, a reliable stockpot or a stunning copper saute pan, there are a few things to consider.

Will it work on your cooktop? Not all pans work on induction cooktops, and some are more suited to electric hobs than others. Generally, this information can be found on the base of each pot or pan, but the knowledgeable staff in each of our stores can help advise you on the best options for your kitchen setup.

What is it made of? The quality of stainless steel can vary greatly, affecting both the life-span and performance of the cookware. Likewise, non-stick surfaces are not produced equally. Enquire as to how cookware is produced, and invest in pieces that will last.

Copper cookware is prized not only for its beauty, but its excellent heat conductivity. The cooking surface reacts instantly to changes in temperature, giving you complete control.

All the pieces in The Essential Ingredient Non-Stick Cookware Range are treated with a coating of titanium and ceramic compounds, heated to over 2000 degrees Celsius and blasted onto the surface of the cookware at twice the speed of sound. With removable handles for easy storage and burn-free oven use, this is superior non-stick cookware made to last.

What happens to the heat? A quality pan will encourage an even distribution of heat across the cooking surface, minimising hot and cold spots. Cast iron will hold heat even after the source of heat is removed, while copper will respond instantly to changes of temperature.

Is it well made? The last thing you want when working with a hot saucepan full of oil is for the handle to fall off. Choose well constructed cookware made by reputable producers. Buying cheap, inferior cookware could put you at risk of serious injury.

With a wide range of professional-grade cookware from highly regarded manufacturers throughout Western Europe, we can help you find the cookware that will take your cooking to the next level.

Explore and buy selections of our range online, or let our expert staff show you the full range at your nearest store.

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