The secrets to the perfect glazed Christmas ham

The secrets to the perfect glazed Christmas ham

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A glazed ham is the centrepiece for many a Christmas table, and for good reason.

The shimmering surface is carved through to reveal the juicy, pink pork below, perfect served alongside both hot or cold festive spreads.

The perfect glaze for pork is sweet and fruity; rich without overpowering the flavour of the meat. The flavours permeate the ham while the aromas fill the kitchen and dining room.

For a delicious and stunningly simple glaze, The Essential Ingredient’s Apple Glaze is impossible to beat.

To create our Apple Glaze, the juice is extracted from fresh apples, and slowly reduced until a luscious syrup is formed, resulting in a fruity sweetness unimpeded by preservatives, flavour additives or colours.

It’s perfect brushed over salmon, used as a marinade for pork, dripped around a plate as the finishing touch to a restaurant-style dish or mixed into a salad dressing.

Better still, it’s available in our stores and online, for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

Simply remove the skin from the ham, taking care not to damage the layer of fat. Brush the fat with apple glaze before baking the ham for 45 minutes, applying more glaze every ten minutes.

Serve warm from the over, or cool later in the day. A jar of The Essential Ingredient Cranberry Sauce makes the perfect accompaniment.

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