The perfect winter roast

The perfect winter roast

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When we think of winter, we think of sharing hearty meals. Glistening roast meats and slow-cooked feasts, not to mention crunchy potatoes, flavoursome sides and rich, thick gravy.

Whether it’s a large gathering with friends, or a quiet Sunday night with the family, these tips will help you perfect your next winter roast.

Salt and pepper are a must, rubbed around the entire roast before it goes into the oven (and a little at the end doesn’t hurt either). We also love filling the roasting trays with garlic, tough herbs like rosemary and thyme, and some seasonal vegetables. Your gravy will thank you!

Gravies & sauces
A well-made gravy ties the whole winter spread together, the gravy boat being passed around the table as people generous pools onto their meat, potatoes and other vegetables. Boost the impact of your sauce by adding a flavour-packed secret ingredient. Truffle salt, black garlic, pomegranate molasses, porcini powder, chipotle in adobo; they’re just some of the flavour bombs that can take your sauce to ‘WOW’!

Or, for a truly restaurant quality sauce, deglaze your roasting pan with a jar of veal jus.

The roasting pan
You want a pan large enough to allow for the addition of vegetables around your roast, and to allow deglazing once your meat is finished. Go too small and you’ll have trouble circulating heat and getting the sides of your roast nice and brown. See our selection here.

Cooking tips
Always let your meat return to room temperature before putting it in the oven, and remember to give it time to rest to really lock in favour and juices. 15 minutes minimum, but some meats (like roast duck) can rest under a sheet of foil for an hour.

Resist the temptation to check the oven too often as it’ll need to return to temperature each time.

Roasting potatoes
Potatoes and red meat are a match made in roasting heaven. Click here for our heavenly duck fat and truffle salt potato recipe.

Vegetables that shine
Forget boring, overcooked vegetables. With a few extra ingredients, your sides will be elevated to the main event. Try drizzling roast carrots with Drunken Sailor Chipotle Honey and a sprinkling of The Essential Ingredient Dukkah. Toss fried Brussels sprouts in vincotto and black pepper. Add a splash of quality balsamic to roast tomatoes. Grate black garlic over that cauliflower. You won’t need the meat at all!

Whatever your chosen style of roast, we have all the ingredients, cookware and inspiration to make it memorable. Visit your nearest The Essential Ingredient store or shop online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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