This outdoor Catalan feast could be your next barbecue

This outdoor Catalan feast could be your next barbecue

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Australians love an outdoor feast, and while the gas-fired barbie has long dominated our backyards and parks, creating a memorable Spanish paella in the great outdoors is just as easy.

Gather your friends around a generously sized paella pan (larger sizes feed up to 50!), and start tossing the quality ingredients around the pan. Seafood, chicken, chorizo, paprika, chillies, garlic- a paella is endlessly customisable but always thrilling.

Set up your paella burner: Connect one of our paella burners to a standard BBQ gas bottle, choose a paella pan the right size for your guests, grab your ingredients and start cooking!

Our paella pans are available in enamel, polished steel and non-stick finishes.

Use authentic Spanish ingredients: an authentic paella needs authentic Spanish ingredients. We’ve got Spanish olive oils, La Dalia Spanish Paella Mix, pickled chillies, sherry vinegar, hand-picked saffron, and, of course, rice.

Rice is the cornerstone of many cuisines, and the base of many of the world’s most popular dishes. Our range of rices is designed to give you the best results for the dish you’re making, be it paella, risotto, kedgeree, arancini or anything else.

Calasparra Rice is perfect for paella, absorbing plenty of stock while still maintaining individual grains.

Want to give someone you love the gift of an outdoor feast? Our The Essential Ingredient Paella Gift Box has everything you need to get started!

A paella is a simple and memorable alternative to your next backyard barbecue. For equipment, authentic ingredients, recipes and inspiration, visit your nearest The Essential Ingredient store, or buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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