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Ottolenghi's TOP 10

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So you’ve bought a copy of Yotam Ottolenghi’s Simple and you are madly running about town trying to not only find, but also remember the names of the not-so-simple exotic ingredients his recipes demand. Sure, you can play the substitution game, but you know at the end of the day that close enough just isn’t going to cut it.

Thankfully we have all 10 of the crucial ingredients that Ottolenghi recommends for bringing his Simple recipes to life on our shelves. Check out each one below or visit us in store.

Pomegranate Molasses

This sticky, intensely fruity and slightly tart syrup is going to be your absolute go to for dressing everything from grilled red meats to dark salad leaves and even ice cream. The complex flavour of pomegranate molasses is nothing short of mind-blowing and its dark, sticky consistency makes its the perfect ingredient for marinades.

Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons are made simply by curing fresh lemons in salt and lemon juice. The combination of salt and lemon lifts the citrus flavour while eliminating the bitter and often astringent, soap-like flavours of the rind. A staple in North African cuisine, preserved lemons can also be added easily to rice dishes and salads.

Rose Harissa

Rose Harissa like normal harissa contains a blend of aromatic spices and chilli to give your stews and grills a fiery flavour kick. The addition of rose petals and rose water introduces a sweetness to the mix that mellows the overall sensation of heat.

Dried Barberries

Like pomegranate molasses barberries allow you to introduce a tart flavour to your recipes. However because you are using the whole fruit you can contain the tart sensation to tiny little bursts within the recipe. The beautiful bright red colour of barberries also adds to the visual appeal of the finished dish.


A preparation of ground sesame seeds Tahini adds a nutty, savoury and slightly bitter flavour to dishes. Perfect for mixing through dressings for salads and rubbing over grilled and roasted meats, tahini is also a versatile alternative to butter and tastes wonderful when mixed through a vegetable dip like pumpkin, sweet potato or beetroot.


A simple preparation of ground sumac and thyme with whole sesame seeds and salt, za’atar gives a fresh savoury flavour to roast vegetables and meats. It is particularly flavoursome when combined with poultry, game meats and roast pumpkin.


A Middle Eastern spice with a tangy citrus flavour that pairs brilliantly with chicken, fish and shellfish. Try dusting over halved tomatoes and roasting with garlic and salt for an exotic twist on the traditional roast tomatoes with your cooked breakfast.

Black Garlic

Made without additives black garlic is simply white garlic that is allowed to ferment over time. Full of umami flavour and none of the bad breath inducing aromas of fresh white garlic, black garlic brings rich flavours of balsamic and liquorice allsorts combined with intense savoury notes to your recipe.

Urfa Biber

This mild red chilli flake combines the flavours of smoke with a chocolatey, raisin-like finish. In order to achieve this Turkish chillies are sundried by day and then tightly wrapped overnight to infuse any remaining liquids back into the chilli, locking in the unique and warming flavour.

Ground Cardamom

This aromatic spice is the supporting act to a plethora of winter desserts. Warm, zesty and slightly peppery cardamom’s gentle acidity balances both sweet and savoury flavours and is a popular ingredient in many Indian and Middle Eastern dishes.

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