Ottolenghi's 10 flavour bombs

Ottolenghi's 10 flavour bombs

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In his groundbreaking (and best-selling) book ‘Simple’, Yotam Ottolenghi lists his top ten ‘flavour bombs’; ingredients that pack a massively delicious punch and transform ordinary dishes into something spectacular.

At The Essential Ingredient, we’re proud to stock not only all ten of these magical ingredients, but some of the world’s finest examples of each.

You can find all ten of Ottolenghi’s favourite flavour bombs now, in-store and online.

Black Garlic
The Essential Ingredient Black Garlic is organic, sweet and rich in umami. With balsamic notes, it’s perfect shaved over roasts or eggs, stirred into gravy or sliced thinly and used to top crostini.

Dried Barberries (currently in short supply)
These small, dried berries add bursts of tartness and beautiful dots of vibrant colour. Traditionally used in Iranian pilafs, they are also excellent in stuffings and salads.

An essential ingredient in hummus, dressings and vegan ice creams, tahini is smooth, creamy and made from stone-ground sesame seeds.

Green Cardamom Pods
The spicy, sweet warmth and aroma of green cardamom pods is frequently utilised in Indian cuisines, where these little kernels of spice are used in curries, chai and more. Grind to use in cakes and desserts.

Urfa Chilli Flakes
Urfa is a dried Tukish chilli with smoked notes and a peppery raisin flavour. Sprinkle on salads, eggs, roasted vegetables, fish and stews.

A blend of thyme, sesame, sumac and salt, Za’atar can be sprinkled over meat and vegetables, or mixed with quality olive oil to be used as a dip for freshly baked bread.

Pomegranate Molasses
Essential in Persian cuisine, pomegranate molasses is thick, tart and fruity. Use in salad dressings and marinades, drizzle over pilafs, or stir through dips to add both acidity and sweetness.

Rose Harissa
The Essential Ingredient Rose Harissa is fiery and fragrant, made with chillies, spices, rose petals and rose water. Use as a marinade for seafood or to flavour stews, soups and couscous.

A Middle Eastern spice, sumac is lemony in fragrance with a slightly bitter flavour. Sprinkle over fish, lamb, chicken, dips and salads, or use in marinades, dressings and dry rubs.

Preserved Lemons 
A staple in North African cooking, the rind of this vibrant citrus can be finely sliced and used to add intense flavour and aroma to salsas, salads and tagines. The Essential Ingredient Preserved Lemons are made using 100% Australian lemons.

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