The luxury of pure linen

The luxury of pure linen

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The Essential Ingredient Linen Collection features a range of classically inspired, luxury pure linen pieces that will last a lifetime.

For generations, pure linen has graced our kitchens and tabletops. This deluxe fabric has long been prized for its aesthetic, its durability and its unmatched practicality.

Sadly, we have seen a marked decline in the use of pure linen, many homes and kitchens eschewing it for cheaper, less functional alternatives.

Quality linen is a thing of beauty, and unlike the alternatives, with proper care it will last a lifetime. Unlike other fabrics, linen improves with age, maintaining its strength, absorbency and luster even through heavy use. Linen also remains lint-free, making it ideal for drying glassware, particularly in a commercial environment.

The Essential Ingredient 100% Linen features a selection of tea towels, table napkins and table runners, all generously sized and utilising superior, tightly-woven construction.

The napkins and table runners in the collection are available in a range of solid colours, while the tea towels are woven (not printed) with classic stripes designed in Australia by a fashion designer commissioned by The Essential Ingredient.

The collection also includes a unique oven cloth (pictured above), designed to replace cumbersome oven mitts and make it easier (and safer) than ever to pull hot trays and pans from the oven. The cloth’s large dimensions make it ideal for long roasting pans, or can be doubled over for very hot items, without losing grip or control. Its perfect blend of linen and cotton makes it stronger and more heat resistant than using tea towels.

With its long life and classic beauty, The Essential Ingredient Linen makes a wonderful gift.

The entire range is produced for us in Lithuania by one of the world’s highest regarded quality linen producers- specialists in kitchen and table linen- made from specially grown Eastern European flax.

For optimal performance and life, be sure to adhere to the care instructions:

Care Instructions:
Wash at 40ºC.
Do not bleach.
Iron when a little damp.
It will be normal to expect 5% shrinkage after washing.

To experience the remarkable properties of pure linen, visit your nearest The Essential Ingredient store today, or buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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