Why we love Stellar Roasting Pans

Why we love Stellar Roasting Pans

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I think we can all agree that when it comes to selecting cooking materials for our roasting pans there always seems to be a need to make concessions. Porcelain offers you a gentle roast but cannot be used on the stove top, non-stick is easy to clean but not tolerant of high heat and cast iron while durable can be susceptible to both corrosion and excessive sticking if not seasoned properly. So where is a home cook to look for a roasting pan material that covers all bases? Anodised aluminium is the answer.

A a little bit about aluminium in cookware

We can't deny that the word 'aluminium' when mentioned in the context of cooking scares people, but were not talking about the dented, soft aluminium pans you remember from your Grandma's kitchen here. What Nanna's pans were known for was an acidic reaction between the surface of the pan and ingredients like tomato, sugar, alcohol etc. whenever heat was applied. This was because the aluminium used was simply melted down and then cast into shape without any special treatment to prevent the chemical reaction between food and pan occurring. While the jury is still out on the impact aluminium getting into our bodies has on our health, I think we can all agree that if it doesn't benefit or occur naturally in our body then it probably shouldn't be going in.

Why aluminium is used in cookware

Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat which means you can expect even heat distribution no matter the heat source. It is also an affordable material that is durable and corrosion resistant.

Why anodised aluminium is different (and completely safe!) Unless you are buying your cookware at vintage sales you are unlikely to come across untreated aluminium pots and pans. Anodised Aluminium on the other hand is becoming more common as it is increasingly recognised as a versatile and superior cooking material. The anodising process, which results in the aluminium hardening and becoming 100% non-porous, involves 2 key steps. Firstly electrodes are connected with each pan to activate an electrical charge. Secondly the electrically charged pans are submerged in a bath of sulfuric acid where the charge and the acid cause a hardening on the surface of the pan making it rigid, impermeable and non-stick. Each pan is then thoroughly washed to remove acid residue then packaged and shipped to stores.

The results you can expect

Your Stellar Anodised Roasting pan is a superior piece of kitchen equipment that distributes heat beautifully, offers you non-stick performance without coatings and will give you fabulous baked results every time. Roasts will be juicy and tender and your vegetables will be crisp and crunchy. But what about a pan gravy? Simple! Just pop your Stellar Anodised Roasting Pan straight onto your gas or electric cooktop and prepare your delicious gravy right in the pan.


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