The Healthiest Cookware To Keep Your Family Safe

The Healthiest Cookware To Keep Your Family Safe

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You've swapped out toxin-laden plastic containers and detergents brimming with chemicals from your kitchen. Your family is sourcing fresh, vibrant organic produce from the local farmer's market and using it to make delicious and healthy meals. But is your cookware undoing your efforts to find safer, greener, healthier alternatives for your kitchen? 

Eat clean and stay healthy with non-toxic cookware

Thoughtful home cooking is the simplest way to ensure you and your family are getting the healthiest, most nutritionally rich food possible, but toxic materials in your cookware could be undoing all your good intentions. Old, damaged pans or non-stick pans coated with dangerous chemicals can leech hazardous materials into your meals, causing significant harm.

Not only is our range of cookware designed to be functional, durable and comfortable, we’ve used our extensive experience to source the world's safest cookware options. Whether it's durable cast iron pans, safe non-stick options, copper, or gas-free induction pans, we proudly stock the best non-toxic cookware for everyday cooking.

Cast Iron

Fashioned from a combination of iron ore and steel, cast iron cookware is manufactured without the toxic chemicals found in unregulated traditional Teflon pans. Our durable cast iron cookware is built to withstand high temperatures and is safe for all heat sources, including induction. 

Once seasoned, a cast iron pan holds natural non-stick properties that make it perfect for grilling, searing and frying. The ability of cast iron cookware to retain heat allows means less energy used overall. Additionally, seasoned cast iron cookware doesn’t require harsh chemical detergents to clean, and its sturdy construction ensures it lasts for a lifetime, making it one of the most affordable and safest cookware options on the market.


The beautiful burnished glow of copper cookware adds a classic culinary aesthetic to any kitchen, but its benefits extend well beyond its good looks. Copper is an exceptional conductor of heat, allowing it to warm up quickly while evenly distributing heat without creating hot spots. Lined with a food-safe, non-reactive metal such as stainless steel, copper is also free of any harmful chemicals that other pan types can leach into your cooking. 

Our extensive range of professional-grade copper cookware allows you to enjoy the efficiency of copper with the benefit of toxin-free food. A pure copper exterior, lined with a stainless steel interior, protects food from direct contact with copper, and gives you the ultimate control over your cooking, whether you're sauteing, frying, stirring a sauce or confiting a duck. Beautiful and practical, each pan offers exceptional thermal conductivity that responds instantly to temperature change, giving you full control.

Stainless Steel

Versatile, practical and affordable, stainless steel's simple construction also makes it among the healthiest cookware on the market. Our range of stainless steel cookware is lightweight, durable and easy to maintain, while the non-reactivity of stainless steel, with its superior thermal regulation properties, ensures an even cook while eliminating the risk of chemicals leaching into your meals. 

Our products are made with premium-grade stainless steel that is aluminium-free, PTOE, PFOA, and BPA-free, so cooking your favourite dishes at even the highest temperatures remains safe. Plus, stainless steel cookware is practically indestructible, won’t bend, warp or chip, and is dishwasher safe — so you don’t have to worry about damaging your pan.


Non-stick cookware is now a fundamental inclusion in most home kitchens, popular for how simple it is to use, easy it is to clean, and how much less oil is required when cooking.

Teflon, commonly used in the construction of non-stick cookware, was regarded as the gold standard for non-stick cookware until the FDA discovered that specific chemicals used in the manufacturing of Teflon were toxic to both human health and the environment. This led to the change in the original Teflon formula making non-stick relatively safer than it used to be. 

However, it’s important to be aware of the processes used to craft your non-stick cookware before purchasing, as inferior products can still be harmful.

Our range of non-stick, non-toxic cookware is crafted from sturdy aluminium and is coated with a long-lasting PFOA and PFOS-free non-stick cooking surface, making it safe and suitable for everyday use. The easy-to-clean pan distributes heat evenly for flawless sautéing, grilling and frying.

Factors to consider while shopping for the healthiest cookware

  • Chemicals — Check which chemicals were used in the production of the cookware, as they often leach into your food or are released into the air while you’re cooking. All our cookware is free from dangerous chemicals, so you can enjoy safe and stress-free cooks.

  • Cooking style — Your personal cooking needs are another element to consider when choosing non-toxic cookware. Different types of cookware are made to match the needs of specific cooking styles, be it sauteing, grilling or baking. Our range of versatile and multi-functional options offer something for everyone, and choosing the right pieces for your needs saves kitchen space and minimises waste.

  • Durability — Durability is a must when choosing the healthiest cookware. Certain cookware brands offer safe cooking options but are not built to last and will need to be replaced frequently, making it an expensive affair as time passes. When you shop with us, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing long-lasting and durable cookware designed to go the distance.

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    Our years of experience providing food lovers with everything from specialty ingredients to professional cookware stands as a testament to our endless commitment to quality. 

    If you’re looking for non-toxic cookware, you’re sure to find something perfect for your needs in our carefully curated range of durable, safe and versatile hardware. Explore our range of induction cookware or browse our entire cookware collection today!

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