Introducing Kansom Sea Sauces

Introducing Kansom Sea Sauces

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For decades, Kansom have been producing quality seafood products using all-natural ingredients and environmentally sustainable methods.

Located in Victoria, on the edge of the Great Southern Ocean, Kansom use only wild-caught Australian abalone and scallops to make this incredible range of rich sea sauces, each one full of flavour and umami without the addition of MSG.

Adding a teaspoon of these sea sauces to stir-fries, soups, marinades and braises will create an intense depth and enhance savoury flavours. While it’s perfect for enhancing seafood flavours (toss pipis, clams or mussels through it for a quick restaurant-quality dish), it’s also a wonderful addition to chicken, beef and vegetable dishes.

Use the sea sauce as you would oyster sauce, or find your own incredible application.

The Kansom Sea Sauce range includes:

Abalone Sea Sauce
This umami rich sauce has been made in Australia for 26 years and is perfect for noodles, fried rice, stir-fries, marinades and used to dress steamed vegetables.

Scallop Sea Sauce
This fresh, flavour enhancing sauce makes a brilliant dressing for steamed vegetables, stir-fries and pan-seared scallops.

Abalone Hot Chilli Sea Sauce
Sweet and hot, this fiery abalone sauce is perfectly balanced and makes a great base for noodles, stir-fries and marinades. Delicious served with dumplings.

Abalone Sweet Chilli Sea Sauce
With a subtle chilli flavour, this sweet abalone sauce is a fantastic dipping sauce for spring rolls and fried chicken or as a marinade for seafood and meat.

The Kansom Sea Sauce range is available now from your nearest The Essential Ingredient store, or buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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