A Guide to Flavouring Food with Salt

A Guide to Flavouring Food with Salt

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Seasoning is a vital step in the cooking process. Salt amplifies flavour, extracts aroma, creates texture and, when used before cooking, even enhances colour.

But salt can also be used as a vehicle for adding new flavours. Our range of salts include many that not only provide all the traditional culinary benefits of salt, but help add and enhance flavours in creative and interesting ways.

Truffle salt adds a decadent richness to roast potatoes, chips, eggs and roast chicken.

Smoked salt gives a campfire hit to steaks, vegetables, stews and soups.

Caper salt is aromatic and herbaceous, and adds a Mediterranean note to salads and seafood.

Black Garlic Salt, with its stunning black specks, is perfect for grilled vegetables, sprinkled over pumpkin soup, eggs and seafood.

Celery Salt is an essential ingredient in a classic Bloody Mary, but is also wonderful over vegetables, in soups and as part of a homemade meat rub.

Grey Sea Salt with Herbes de Provence is just the thing for a classic provincial rabbit stew, but is also wonderful over vegetables, chicken and lamb.

The Essential Ingredient stocks a wide range of salt products, including salt flakes, fleur de sel, Himalayan salt bricks and all the flavoured salts mentioned above. Find them in your nearest store or buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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