A guide to creating the perfect picnic

A guide to creating the perfect picnic

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Picnics are an ideal way to spend a sunny day, but can also be a little overwhelming to organise. How many times have you thought about making plans for an afternoon picnic but abandoned it because it all feels too difficult?

These are our favourite fuss-free foods to pack, and our top tips for making sure you have a great time grazing in the great outdoors.

Cheese: No picnic is complete without one or two delicious cheeses to acompany that champagne or wine. If it’s a warm day, opt for a hard variety to avoid too much ooze.

Crackers: Lavosh are our go-to, as they’re the perfect crisp base for cheese, charcuterie, dips and anything else in your spread.

Bread: a delicious sourdough loaf or just-baked foccacia are perfect for sandwiches, or simply to tear apart and drag through a selection of dips

Relishes, Chutneys and Sauces: choose a couple of condiments that go with everything to serve alongside your spread. We don’t go anywhere without mustard, chutney and hot sauce

Cold Meats: Rather than risk having warm meat out in the sun (we’re looking at you, roast chicken), pack something cured or smoked, like a spicy salami, shaved leg ham or prosciutto. We love a bit of mortadella too.

Fruit and veg: pre-chopped fruit and vegetables are an easy, healthy snack that adds colour to your picnic spread.

Dressings: pre-mix your salad dressing in a small jar to shake and pour over your leafy greens just before eating. No more wilted lettuce! Check out our guide to creating the perfect vinaigrette…

Salads: Hearty salads will hold up well outdoors. Think potato or pasta salad, quinoa or rice. Add a huge hit of flavour with a sprinkle of Aleppo pepper, a scattering of thin slices of preserved lemon, or a drizzle of pomegranate molasses.

Pack a sturdy, large chopping board to double as a drinks table on your picnic blanket (you’ll thank us later!), and don’t forget the champagne!

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