The growing world of soy sauce

The growing world of soy sauce

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A fundamental addition to many dishes in many Asian cuisines, soy sauce has claimed a rightful place in pantries around the world as a complex, but sometimes undervalued, ingredient. Traditionally made by fermenting a paste of soybeans and grains in brine, the unmistakable black liquid plays the roles of ingredient, condiment and sauce with equal success.

While we might be more familiar with light and dark soys, using them to adding umami to pasta sauces, depth to barbecue marinades and a golden sheen to the weekend roast (as well as all their traditional applications), there are a wealth of other soy-based sauces each with their own properties and uses. Our range of soy sauce products create new applications and encourage exciting new flavour combinations for this amazing ingredient.

Mushroom soy, for example, brings intensity and earthiness, while gluten-free tamari has a more subtle complexity. The mellow fruitiness of shoyu is ideal for sashimi and other Japanese dishes, with usukuchi - its understated cousin - used as a more gentle seasoning. White soy is a less salty, less fermented dressing for seafood or chicken, and smoked soy is a transformative addition to eggs, vegetables or noodles.
Whether it's for a traditional recipe or a twist on a classic, we have the perfect soy sauce to add a touch of magic - and a lot of umami - to whatever you're cooking.


A traditional Japanese-style soy sauce that is very versatile and can be used for cooking or as a seasoning. Salty but well-rounded with a fruity character, shoyu can be added to soups, sauces, marinades and dressings.


Usukuchi (light-colored soy sauce) is higher in salt content than regular soy sauce but is lighter in colour and is best for using in rice and simmered dishes, and seasoning broths and dressings. Drizzle on steamed green vegetables, noodles, fish and tofu dishes.

White Soy Sauce

Sweeter and lighter than traditional soy sauce this ‘white’ soy is actually a vibrant gold colour. More nuanced in flavour that traditional soy sauce, and perfect for dressing noodles and salads, white soy sauce is full of umami without being too overpowering.


Tamari is the liquid by-product of miso making. More balanced and less salty than soy sauce it packs a flavourful, umami punch, perfect for seasoning. Delicious in dipping sauces and on soba noodles, in marinades and dressings. Toss almonds in tamari and a pinch of chilli and roast. Make a caramel with sugar, water, miso and tamari and pour over hot popcorn, mixing well. Organic, vegan friendly and gluten-free.

Mushroom Soy

A dark soy sauce with a syrupy consistency and a vegetal, slightly sweet flavour. This soy will add intense colour and an earthy character that is perfect for braises, stir-fries, tofu and pork dishes and, of course, mushrooms.

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