The finest pasta you can have at home

The finest pasta you can have at home

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A good bowl of pasta is one of life’s simplest, truest joys. And while the quality of the pasta you use obviously makes an enormous difference to the flavour and texture of your dish, choosing inferior pasta also means missing out on crucial nutritional value.

I Due Pastori pasta is made in Italy from hard durum wheat, ensuring more of the grain’s flavour and nutrition makes its way into the pasta. It’s prepared using the natural spring waters of Abruzzo, and pressed through an authentic course mould to maximise the roughness of the pasta’s edges, making each piece hold onto as much sauce as possible.

Importantly, unlike many supermarket pastas which are dried at high temperatures during production- a process that effectively ‘cooks’ the pasta and makes it difficult to get a perfect al dente result at home- I Due Pastori pasta is air dried, another reason this range doesn’t just taste better, but is better for you.

For those looking for even greater nutritional options, we’re now proud to also stock I Due Pastori’s new wholemeal range (including a wholemeal spaghetti and wholemeal penne), capturing even more of the goodness of the wheat. Whether it’s slathered in sauce or simply tossed through a basic emulsion, this is among the finest pasta you’ll ever tried, prepared in your own kitchen.

For a full meal, grab a jar of The Essential Ingredient Cherry Tomato Sauce, packed with sun-ripened tomatoes from Puglia.

The I Due Pastroi range of pastas is available now from your nearest The Essential Ingredient store, or buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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