Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche

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Dulce de leche (translated to ‘milk candy’) is originally from Argentina but is now also very popular in all parts of the Spanish- speaking world. It is made by slowly cooking sweetened milk with a touch of vanilla, until it turns into a thick but spreadable caramel.

Our dulce de leche has travelled all the way from Spain & is perfect for your next dessert. Use it in cheesecakes, banoffee pie, as a filling between sponges or in sweet pastry cases.

It makes a wonderful Sunday breakfast with it spread over pancakes, crumpets, toast & waffles. Smother it over crepes, use as a filling for chocolates or simply use as a dip for churros.

It is even perfect for drizzling over cupcakes, muffins, panna cottas or to flavour ice-cream. Sandwich cookies together with it & don’t leave it our of your next apple pie or batch of brownies.

The list is literally endless with what you can do it. If you are still unsure, grab a spoon & enjoy this wonderfulness straight from the jar!

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