Duck confit - Prepared in France, served in Australia

Duck confit - Prepared in France, served in Australia

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One of the icons of French cuisine, duck confit (or Confit de Canard) is a work of art when prepared perfectly.

A centuries-old technique originating in the Gascony region of France, the process of salting a piece of meat (goose, duck and pork primarily) and slowly cooking it in its own fat was utilised largely for its preserving qualities, allowing a piece of meat to be kept for months.

The lasting appeal of duck confit, however, is the rich duck flavour and unmatched tenderness of this classic dish.

The long, slow cook of a duck leg in fat is followed by a quick fry, creating irresistibly crisp and brown skin while the meat falls apart beneath.

Beautiful as duck confit is, the preparation takes days, ruling it out of many people’s dinner party plans.

That’s why we love Valette Duck Confit, flawlessly prepared using authentic French methods and ready to use.

Valette have been producing duck products in France since 1920, and understand how important the breed and wellbeing of the ducks are to taste and texture of the finished dish.

To create this classic product, French Perigord duck thighs and legs are carefully trimmed, salted, then gently simmered for hours in a bath of duck fat and traditional herbs.

They are tinned carefully within fat, protecting their flavour and succulence until you’re almost ready to serve. A French classic, perfectly executed, ready whenever you need it.

To prepare, simply remove the confit duck from the tin and remove the excess fat (carefully, without damaging the skin).

Heat a pan and fry the duck pieces skin side down until golden and crispy, turn and cook the other side until warmed through.

Don’t throw away the excess fat- keep it in the fridge and use it to roast potatoes.

Serve with potato fricassee and a good glass of red wine, or with sautéed cabbage cooked in a little duck fat from the can too.

Valette Duck Confit, as well as a range of other incredible Valette products, are available from your nearest The Essential Ingredient store.

Alternatively, for delivery to anywhere in Australia, explore our Valette range in our online store.

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