Drunken Sailor jams and relishes

Drunken Sailor jams and relishes

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Most things, let’s face it, are improved with a splash of alcohol. That’s the philosophy Drunken Sailor have adopted in their intoxicatingly delicious range of jams and relishes, now available from The Essential Ingredient.

Made in Sydney without artificial fillers, additives or preservatives, these grown-up condiments pack a flavour punch.

Choose from:

Cherry & Cointreau Jam
The fruity combination of chunky cherries and the boozy Cointreau orange hit makes this a tremendous jam for toasted sourdough, filling for an airy sponge or sweet condiment for roast duck.

Pineapple, Rum & Coconut Jam
Like a tropical island holiday in a jar, this sweet and fragrant jam with pineapple pieces throughout will inspire memories of summertime pina coladas. Spoon onto scones or use as a sticky sweet glaze for ham.

Jalapeno & Tequila Relish
Sweet, sour and spicy, this sharp relish will elevate burgers, hot dogs, scrambled eggs or a traditional tortilla soup.

Smokey Tomato Relish
Ripe tomatoes, spices, mustard seeds, vinegar and that romantic hit of campfire smoke. The perfect relish for burgers, steak sandwiches and sausage rolls, or incredible stirred into a Bloody Mary.

Find the Drunken Sailor range at your nearest The Essential Ingredient store, or buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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