Craft beer vinegar range

Craft beer vinegar range

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Brewed in the Northern Italian city of Reggio Emilia, flavourful craft beers are transformed into a complex, vibrant and exciting range of vinegars, available for the first time in Australia, exclusive to The Essential Ingredient.

Craft beers, as any fan will tell you, are expressions of the ingredients used, the season in which they're made, and the brewer's unique artistry and intent.

Just as with premium wine vinegars, where grape varieties can be transformed into Chardonnay vinegar, Champagne vinegar, etc. - each with their own unique flavours and applications - these incredible craft beer vinegars capture the particular characteristics of the delicious beverages from which they've been fermented.

Made using old family recipes and traditional practices, Terra Del Tuono have carefully brewed a range of unfiltered, unpasteurised beers for maximum flavour and character, before slowly ageing them into vinegars.

The results are richly flavourful and aromatic vinegars that you'll want to keep at the front of the pantry to reach for again and again.

The range includes:

Terra Del Tuono Strong Ale Craft Beer Vinegar

Like a good ale, caramel flavours pervade through this vinegar, with faint, underlying notes of liquorice. Decant into a small kitchen spray bottle and spritz over fish and chips for the perfect summer meal.

Terra Del Tuono IPA Craft Beer Vinegar

Golden and hop-forward, like a good IPA should be, this vinegar has subtle floral-fruit notes that make it perfect for vinaigrettes and dressings for grilled vegetables and fish. Use as a mignonette for topping oysters, or even in a chocolate cake batter.

Terra Del Tuono Abbey Craft Beer Vinegar

Showcasing the flavours of a Belgian-style ale, the Abbey is amber in colour, and imparts fruity, caramel notes. Use it to balance glazes and marinades for grilled and roast meats, to deglaze a pan after cooking a steak, or to make incredible pickled onions.

The Terra Del Tuono range of craft beer vinegars are available now from your nearest The Essential Ingredient store, or buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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