Celebrating Australian producers

Celebrating Australian producers

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For over thirty years, The Essential Ingredient’s pursuit of quality foods and specialty ingredients has seen us forge strong relationships with some of the world’s finest producers.

We are particularly proud to be able to share the work of many of Australia’s most accomplished culinary artisans, who work tirelessly to create the kind of ingredients we love cooking with. We celebrate not only the artistry evident in their fine products, but the craft, care and expertise that goes into producing them.

Whether it’s Wellington Apiary’s fine honeys gathered from around Tasmania, Olsson’s salts from the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, extra virgin olive oil and fruity agrumato from the Murray Valley or Drunken Sailor’s range boozy of jams and chutneys cooked up in the suburbs of Sydney, our stores are full of some of the best ingredients this country has to offer.

With environmentally sound production practices, an emphasis on minimal-intervention growing techniques, and considered approaches to sustainability, all of our partnered producers embody what makes Australian food so incredible.

Explore native fruit powders by The Australian Superfood Company, vibrant bottarga by esteemed chef Pilu Baretto, Australian lentils, chick peas, peppercorns and wattleseed, Kansom sea sauces, Barossa Valley horseradish and chutneys, local verjuice and vinegars, and many, many more premium ingredients, all available now in store and online.

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