Cake decorating supplies

Cake decorating supplies

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If there’s any doubt as to the importance of making your cakes not only delicious, but beautiful too, think of expressions like ‘icing on the cake’ and ‘pretty please with a cherry on top’.

Both in home kitchens and professional bakeries around Australia, amateur and professional cake decorators continue to astound with their incredible artistry and limitless imaginations.

When it comes to cake decoration supplies, only the best ingredients and tools will garner the best results.

All of our The Essential Ingredient stores feature an extensive range of cake decorating supplies, including specialised, professional-grade equipment; quality, reliable cookware; and some of the finest ingredients from around the world.

Looking to buy food colour? Our French-made collection imparts vibrant colours that are easily soluble in oil (making them ideal for baking, chocolate work, confectioneries, ice creams and more).

Food colour powders add remarkably bold hues to your macarons, icings and more, without introducing any additional liquid (or flavour) to the recipe.

Our wide range of French-made food flavours add authentic aroma and taste to your baking and desserts, rather than the strong, artificial flavour of inferior products. Choose from lemon, lime, pistachio, tangerine, mint, passionfruit, lavender and more.

Whether you’re dressing an iced cake, decorating a naked cake, garnishing a dessert or presenting something else sweet for your friends and family, flowers are a timeless, striking solution. Our Salade de Fleur (dried French flowers) adds a riot of colour to sweet and savoury dishes, while our Dried Rose Petals and Dried Rosebuds add a classic elegance.

The Essential Ingredient Yellow Sugar Mimosa evoke with their small yellow balls the floral clusters of the mimosa flower, and are a beautiful Spring-inspired addition to cupcakes, cakes, biscuits and more.

For specialised cake rings, baking trays, brushes, moulds, spatulas, cutters, piping bags, fondant icing, cookbooks and any other cake decorating supplies in Australia, visit your nearest The Essential Ingredient store.

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