A spoonful of colour

A spoonful of colour

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If you’ve leafed through a glossy food magazine or dined at a fine restaurant lately, you’ll know the era of muted colours and endless shades of white is finally over. The hottest thing in tableware today is COLOUR. And LOTS OF IT.

Our beautiful new range of acrylic spoons, eggcups and other assorted pieces of cutlery add explosions of colour to any table, be they used with a casual breakfast of soft-boiled eggs or a formal amuse bouche of caviar (or, for something really special, a combination of both!).

Based in Germany, G.F. Heime & Sohne have been producing quality acrylics for over 80 years. The entire process- moulding, lasering, gluing, cutting, grinding and polishing- is carried out in their factory, enabling them to ensure consistent quality and precision.

We love them for their unique forms and colours, and we know you won’t find anything else like them in Australia.

Explore our range of acrylic eggcups, egg spoons, salt spoons, jelly spoons and caviar cutlery online or in your nearest The Essential Ingredient store now, or buy online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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