Syd Weddell named 'Legend' of MFWF

Syd Weddell named 'Legend' of MFWF

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Since 1993 the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival has been showcasing the incredible work being carried out in the food industry in Victoria, Australia and the rest of the world by chefs, writers, producers, growers, restauranteurs and more.

As part of their celebration of the industry, the Festival every year promotes a selected group of individuals to the rank of ‘Legend’.

We are proud that, at a ceremony held this week, The Essential Ingredient’s own General Manager Syd Weddell was inducted into this esteemed collection of individuals.

For decades Syd has been both an influential member of the Australian food community, and an enthusiastic ambassador for it. His close relationship with countless international producers, chefs, writers and other influencers, as well as his expertise as a retailer have all secured his ongoing position as a respected thought leader.

This honour from the MFWF has only confirmed what we already knew: Syd Weddell knows food.

Thanks to the board, staff and volunteers at the Festival for all their tireless work.

Syd Weddell

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