Perfect Preserves: Marzano Fruit Pastes

Quince paste

The Marzano family have been making fruit pastes from the fruit of their orchards in San Pietro Vernotico, a small …

Cookware Care – our non stick range


 What you need to know about our non-stick pans

Non-stick cookware has improved considerably over the years.  There are …

Cherry Christmas Pudding Roulade

Christmas Pudding Cherry Meringue with Mulled Wine Drizzle

Cherry Christmas Pudding Roulade

Christmas Pudding Cherry Meringue with Mulled Wine Drizzle

A summer alternative that will still have your guests satisfied that they’ve had their Christmas Pudding fix…

Key ingredients & why they matter:

Egg White Powder: This shelf stable product avoids wastage & allows you to mix up …


Edible Christmas decorations

Sharing a food-filled table with family and friends is one of life’s greatest joys, which is why thoughts of Christmas are so often associated with thoughts of food.

While seafood, barbecues and roasts all share a synonymy with Christmas, it’s the cakes, puddings, confectionaries and other sweet delights that get us in …


Identifying Quality Chocolate

For decades now we have worked with artisan chocolatiers both locally & from around the world & we can attest to the fact that nothing compares with carefully produced, quality chocolate.

Here’s our guide to recognizing quality.  It revolves around all five senses to give you the complete picture of why we …


Planning an event?

 The Essential Ingredient Cooking School Kitchen & Event Space

Planning an event? Teambuilding workshop? Client dinner? Looking for something different …

Glace Fruit

TEI Glace Fruit

Our huge selection of glace fruit is now in stock for all your baking needs. Think beyond the traditional Christmas cakes to biscuits, muffins and slices. Home-made rocky road makes a great end-of-year present for teachers.

The majority of our range is imported from Italy and includes: whole figs and apricots, …