Delicious dulse


Smoky and packed full of umami, this sea vegetable is sometimes referred to as ‘the bacon of the sea’!

Dulse can be …

Confit de Canard

confit duck and lentils

Essential ingredients for the cooler months, our Valette products are flawlessly prepared to exacting standards and are perfect for your pantry.

The …

maya sunny honey

Maya Sunny Honey

A few of us from the Orange store were lucky enough to celebrate Lolli Redini’s 15th Birthday during Orange F.O.O.D Week, earlier this month. Over 5 hours we were served 8 courses, all paired with beautiful local wines. It was hard to choose a favourite course I must say, …

millet butternet aubergine

Great Grain

Millet is an ancient grain that was first cultivated in East Asia up to 10,000 years ago.

It is a staple in many countries and features in the traditional cuisines of China, Russia and Germany.

Millet is a very good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

It can protect heart health, …


Awesome Anzac Biscuits

Mystery and myth surrounds the origin of the Anzac Biscuit.

As legend has it, Anzac Biscuits are associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landing in Gallipoli.

Many researches argue that this was not the case.

Whether the biscuits made it to the front or not, their legacy has endured and they …

evoo multi bowl

Tuscan Treasures: New Season Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Tuscany is well known for its extra virgin olive oils but not all Tuscan oils are great.

At The Essential Ingredient we select only the best oils and are always interested in the story behind each and every one.

The soil, the weather, the olive varieties, the processing procedures and the producers all …


Fastastic Fermentation

Some food trends come and go and some become firm favourites. Fermentation, thankfully, is one of these.

Once a lost art form, this traditional preservation method has become very popular because of its health benefits. Not only are fermented foods good for us, they taste good too!

Many of the foods we …