25 years of The Essential Ingredient in Melbourne

The Essential Ingredient now, taken 2015
The Essential Ingredient 2015

We are proud to be celebrating 25 years of The …

Essential Tips for baking a tart

Photo by Hiroyuki Takeda, via Flickr

Our tips to making the perfect shortcrust pastry tart shell, an ideal blank canvas for your culinary creations.

goan cuisine 001

Australian Made Goan Cuisine

Goan Cuisine represents everything that is important to us here at The Essential Ingredient Prahran:  their family-run business focuses on quality ingredients, traditional & authentic methods & care at each step in order to ensure the end result is consistent & uncompromising in flavour.

After being established in Perth in …


Organic Pickled Walnuts

Organically grown, Australian & delicious, our pickled walnuts have been piquing people’s interest since 1990.

Their triumph is their simplicity, as is often the case. They contain walnuts, vinegar, salt sugar & spices. They have a refreshingly sweet/spiced flavour unlike anything else. Those who know them love them. This lesser-known hero …


Puffs, flakes & flours: Why you should be using our organic quinoa

The mother of all grains, quinoa is is high in iron & fibre, completely gluten-free &, with a balanced set of essential amino acids, it is one of very few ingredients to serve as a complete protein source.


Organic white quinoa, gently heated until expanded. With …

Premium Dark Muscovado Sugar

Premium Dark Muscovado Sugar from Mauritius

Premium Dark Muscovado Sugar

This rich & unrefined brown sugar from Mauritius gains its dark colour & strong flavour from the naturally high molasses content. With robust notes of bittersweet treacle & an aromatic liquorice & toffee character, this moist sugar adds depth to rich fruit cakes, brownies, gingerbreads, …

Ducks from Valette

Why we love Valette

Did you know Japan is now the second-highest consumer of foie gras, after France? Foie gras is now being paired regularly with miso, which we think sounds incredibly interesting.  Examples include miso soup finished with foie gras mousse, as well as pan fried lobe with miso & spices.  (Scroll …