Matt Wilkinson’s essential ingredients

As chef and co-owner of Melbourne’s popular ‘Pope Joan’, Matt Wilkinson has developed a reputation for producing exciting food …

How our chefs use Kennedy & Wilson chocolate in their kitchens


If, like us, you are always on the lookout for local quality product then Kennedy & Wilson should be on …


WIN a double pass to the Spanish Film Festival

This year, the Essential Ingredient is once again proud to support the Spanish Film Festival, a wonderful celebration of Spanish film and culture.

Just as in so many aspects of Spanish culture, food often plays a large role in Spanish film. So often, the spectacular views …


A home for chocolate lovers

Few foods inspire us the way chocolate does.

This single seemingly simple ingredient strikes at the core of why we love food as much as we do: it is a pleasure to eat and a joy to share.

Chocolate can create the simplest dessert at home- a chocolate mousse perhaps- or be used …


Turkish Chilli Flakes

Baked Eggs with Turkish Chilli Flakes

Chilli is an ingredient beloved around the world, not only for the heat it can bring to a dish, but for its complex flavour.

Dried chilli flakes, while a convenient way to provide a heat kick to a dish, often lack flavour, denying your …


Tunisian brick pastry

Brick pastry is known by many names, but they are far exceeded by the number of applications for which this multi-monikered ingredient is perfect.

Known variously as brik pastry, Tunisian brick pastry and warqa (among others), these wonderfully thin sheets are most commonly used to …


The Essential Ingredient Hot English Mustard

Mustard is one of the most ubiquitous condiments in the world. It is popular across Europe, throughout China, in America, the United Kingdom and here in Australia.

While the fundamental ingredients of all mustards are the same- ground mustard seeds and a liquid capable of cutting through the natural heat of the …