Change the date to join Mr Carsisi

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 Our dinner with chef Matt Fegan of Mr Carsisi has     had a date  change. 
Kyneton is now …

The Roasting Class


For many Australians, it’s almost a rite of passage to experience a good roast dinner – lamb, pork, chicken, beef – with crunchy potatoes, loads of veg and gravy. We …


Zokoko Chocolate: Bean to Bar

Our constant pursuit in seeking out quality ingredients from Australia and around the world, led us to find some of the best chocolate we’ve tried in a while.

Zokoko Chocolate – the factory and cafe – is located in Emu Heights in New South Wales, at the foot of the Blue Mountains. The team are committed to a ‘bean to …

rillette cornichons

A French feast

It is Bastille Day and no French celebration would be complete without a feast.

It is a well-known fact that the French have gastronomy in their blood and they take great pride in their food at every level, from production to consumption.

At The Essential Ingredient, we take great pride in sourcing …

The Great British Roast Cooking Class

If you’re going to learn how to make a great roast, you may as well learn from a Yorkshire man. Chef Michael Slade, who grew up in Halifax in Yorkshire, UK opened Northern Git (Slade’s nickname) in Thornbury a couple of years ago and is sating …


Rise to the Occasion with these Chocolate Souffles

With the perfect copper pan, the best chocolate and all the inspiration you need, The Essential Ingredient has everything to make special occasions even more special.

Try serving these stunning chocolate souffles in our The Essential Ingredient Mini Copper Pans for a memorable conclusion to your next feast with friends….

Do you know your Flageolet from your Haricot?

In the kitchen, winter time means slow-cooked stews and casseroles, secondary cuts of meat, beans, pulses, dusky winter herbs and sturdy veg. These elements contribute to a vast and varied selection of dishes we can cook and beans and pulses are pivotal in many of them.

What is a Cassoulet with out flageolet beans? And what are baked beans if they’re …