The Essential Ingredient Surry Hills is proud to present a range of locally sourced produce and products.

Pepe Saya Butter
Pepe Saya

Pepe Saya Cultured Butter is the finest richest tasting butter on the market. This taste which is achieved by allowing cream to ferment and sour over a two-week period before being churned. The culture converts lactose into lactic acid which produces additional aroma compounds (such as diacetyl) which causes the extremely buttery scent and flavour that uncultured butter does not normally possess. Pepe Saya Ghee and Lemon Curd also available.

Herbie's Spices

Located in Rozelle for 20 years, Herbie’s Spices was a local institution for spice aficionados. Closing the doors to their retail shop in 2016, the entire range of over 300 Herbie’s Spices is now available at The Essential Ingredient Surry Hills.

Stubborn Olive
Stubborn Olive

Stubborn Olives are hand stuffed in Marrickville with a variety of fillings to complete the perfect antipasto platter.

Mud Australia
Mud Australia

Mud Australia is a Sydney based homeware design company founded in 1994 by Shelley Simpson. All pieces are complementary and designed to emphasise natural lines and functionality. Each piece is entirely hand made in their Sydney studio from the best materials available. The design and production process combines to ensure each piece of Mud Australia is unique.

Witloft Aprons

The authentic WITLOFT aprons are made of high quality vegetable tanned saddle leather. The leather used is of Dutch origin and the aprons are made by hand, giving each apron a unique look. As the leather lives and breathes, the aprons get more beautiful with time and wear.

TÉ Tea

Qualified herbalist, Daniela Demarchi and son Dylan drew on their Italian family tradition of plant based healing and Daniela’s extensive experience in herbal medicine to create a unique range of herbal teas, rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

Vella Nero Coffee Couture

The story of VELLA NERO began in 2007, when sisters Gina, Vicky and Aileen Young moved into an empty site on Clarence St, in Sydney’s bustling CBD. They set out to develop something truly unique within the emerging speciality coffee scene. Today, VELLA NERO still remains true to their persuit of excellence… of chasing the perfect cup.

Mexican Ingredients

At The Essential Ingredient Surry Hills we stock Sydney’s best retail range of Latin American ingredients. From difficult to source dried chilies and the ever elusive tomatillos, to specialty seasonings, sauces and authentic corn and wheat flour tortillas, we’ve got everything you need for your next fiesta feast.

Kris Lloyd Cheeses

Kris Lloyd is a self taught Cheese Maker who has headed up Woodside Cheese Wrights at Woodside in the Adelaide Hills for over 17 years. Her career as a cheese maker may have started as an accident, but she is now completely passionate about all things cheese, food, wine and the Cheese Making industry in Australia. Kris is supported by a dedicated team of cheesemakers that ensure all the cheeses produced at the factory at Woodside are of the highest quality and that they are all made using local cow, goat or buffalo milk.

My Berries

Based in the fruit bowl of South-East Queensland, My Berries source the sweetest berries direct from the farm. Their frozen berry range is completely
hand-produced. Each berry is carefully hand-picked, washed and frozen before being packaged into convenient zip-locked pouches. The range includes raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and mixed berries. They are versatile – perfect for adding to any powerful breakfast combination including smoothies and an essential ingredient for baking, sauces, ice-cream, ice-pops or even a cheeky cocktail!

Solid Teknics Aus-Ion

Formed from one tough seamless piece of 3mm Australian iron. Developed by the engineer/cooks at SOLIDTEKNICS specifically for commercial restaurant cooking, and that also makes them ideal for any serious home cook. AUS-ION™ pans work with any heat source, including induction, ovens and open fire, and on any surface, including glass top. This is multi-generational cookware at its finest.