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There's nothing more exciting for a cook than getting hold of that essential ingredient

What we do here at The Essential Ingredient is really very simple. We sell ingredients that are essential to your cooking success, from saucepans to Shima wasabi, paella pans to preserved lemon, and rolling pins to rose harissa.

We pride ourselves on being on our toes and having the latest on-trend ingredients and kitchen equipment in store, as well as having the tried and true staples that make your French, Asian, Spanish, Moroccan and Middle Eastern dishes taste as they should.

For those of you who love to cook – and that includes us – the store is a treasure trove. You’ll recognise most of what’s on display, but there’s always something new and wonderful to discover. Have you tried Aleppo pepper flakes yet? Or, made chocolate brownies with our Australian-grown frozen raspberries and scattered freeze-dried raspberries on top?

We like to think that every product we sell is just the starting point for an inspired meal or cooking experience. As cooks, we share your desire to feed the people around you well and to exercise your talent in the kitchen. So while we can provide you with the essentials, because that’s what we do, we also like to think we can add something more to your shopping and cooking experiences, and that’s knowledge. We’ve been in the essential ingredient business since 2005, which means we have a lot of knowhow. And as cooks, we speak your language.

Come and visit us in the store, consider signing up for a cooking school and keep an eye out for in-store talks and tastings. We love to see you soon and talk summer salads. (Or whatever other food, ingredient or cooking topic you have in mind.)