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Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate

There’s something about dipping a block of dark chocolate in your afternoon espresso or a mug of hot chocolate that brings a smile in Melbourne’s cooler months. Not only does chocolate warm your heart and soul when it’s cold outside, it is also comforting, satisfying and soul soothing! Watch Thomas Schnetzler (Lindt) demonstrate the two most commonly used techniques for tempering dark chocolate.

Want to know more about chocolate? Read about the fascinating history of this much loved ingredient in this article, written by Prahran team member Grace Mooney. For her BA Honours thesis at Monash University, Grace investigated the changing food culture in Britain throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

The Essential Ingredient’s Victorian site opened in 2016 – and in South Melbourne, the suburb where the empire began. The store’s position next to South Melbourne Market makes it a convenient and exciting place to visit.   

An extension of The Essential Ingredient Prahran, the South Melbourne store offers a carefully curated range of quality foods, professional-grade cookware, culinary books and more – the perfect one-stop-shop for your kitchen and dining needs.