Our Products
Salute Oliva

Salute Oliva EVOO is a single variety cold pressed olive oil made with the Italian olive variety frantoio, highly valued for its intense fruity aromas.
The range of Salute Oliva olives are naturally grown in country Victoria, and processed in the traditional Greek way with no preservatives or chemicals. They are finished with olive oil and vacuum sealed to retain freshness and flavour.

Peter Watson

The Peter Watson range of spices, condiments, vinaigrette’s, curry pastes and more is produced right here in Melbourne. Dedicated to the very best in real foods, their ever expanding range of products is prepared in a timeless manner by hand; unprocessed and without shortcuts, chemicals or compromise.

Cunliffe & Waters

Established in 1996, Cunliffe & Waters has built a well deserved reputation as a producer of some of the finest handmade preserves in Australia. All Cunliffe & Waters jams, marmalade’s and chutneys are cooked in small batches with sugar, vinegar and salt the only preservatives used.