Our Products

A selection of specialised, locally-produced food from the Canberra region.

Pialligo Smokehouse

We stock a wide range of Pialligo Smokehouse small-goods including bacon, salmon, duck, chicken and bacon jam.

Using Northern European methods Pialligo Smokehouse is renowned for their bacon. A Canberra delicacy!

Sweet Pea & Poppy

Always seeking to develop fun and adventurous chocolate offerings, Sweet Pea & Poppy aims to step aside from the ordinary in a quest for a beautiful chocolate experience.

Our chocolates are handmade in Canberra, with careful attention to the quality and source of ingredients.

Homeleigh Grove

Homeleigh Grove” (generally a mild to medium each year) named after the property and “Lowanna’s Paddock” named after a ‘spicy’ pony who late in her very active 35 year life on the property retired to the paddock in which we first planted olives and ‘looked after’ the young trees. Lowwanna’s Paddock is more robust, reflecting her peppery character. These oils won medals nationally and internationally in 2016 (Italy), 2017 (France) and 2018 ((London).

Homeleigh Grove has a unique range of infused oils which use only our award winning Australian Extra Virgin Olive oil as its base.

Tea Garden Co.

Tea Garden Co. design new blends every month in a bid to make tea drinking the highlight  of your day. We believe tea is a thing to Share.Sip.Love. A drink for all emotions and all temperatures.

Long Track Paddock

The Long Track Pantry is a country  cafe in the riverside village of Jugiong in Southern NSW.

We stock a huge range of Long Track’s amazing  relishes, preserves and chutneys.

Garlicious Grown Black Garlic

Garlicious Grown is well known for award winning, chemical free quality gourmet black garlic cloves and black garlic powder range. It is a thriving Australian owned business and has achieved impressive growth performance over the past 3 years based in Braidwood, NSW.

Spencer Cocoa

Spencer Cocoa is Australian-made chocolate. Made from scratch in Mudgee, using cocoa beans grown in Vanuatu.

We visit our growers twice a year to catch up and select new-season beans. We buy directly from a small group of families on the island of Malekula who grow, harvest, ferment and dry the cocoa.

Back in Mudgee, we roast, grind, conch and temper the cocoa into beautiful chocolate.

Frugii Ice Cream

Fresh out of the Braddon Dessert Lab we stock a huge range of Frugii ice creams! Made fresh here in Canberra boasting a whimsical spectrum of flavours from bacon to salted butter caramel…

The Muesli Bar

The Muesli bar create delicious mixes of granola, trail mixes and muesli right here in Canberra!

The grain free granola is a staff favourite!

Serious Salsa

Serious Salsa & Sauces are made in the South Coast town of Mollymook. We stock from Southwest (mild) to Severe (comes with a warning! And SERIOUSLY delicious chilli jam!