Newcastle Knife Sharpening

The Essential Ingredient Newcastle Knife Sharpening Service, with David Turton of To The Point Sharpening:

We are proud to work alongside chef and Novocastrian David Turton, to bring you a premium knife sharpening service like no other in the Hunter Region. Over the past 10 years David has honed his techniques and established himself as a trusted sharpener to over 500 professional chefs in hundreds of establishments in the area. David can also sharpen serrated knives, scissors (including dress-maker and hair dresser scissors), chisels and garden tools.

If you would like to have your knives sharpened simply drop them into our store on any given Thursday before 3:00pm. Your knives will be sharpened and ready for collection not later than midday the next day.



Sharpening (prices starting from):

  • Knives – $7
  • Serrated knives – $8
  • Scissors – $8
  • Chisels – $5
  • Gardening equipment – $8

Other (prices starting from):

  • Knife re-shaping – $15
  • Handle replacement – $8