Knife Handling

Dedicated cooks and professionals know the most important kitchen tools are your knives. Learn how to choose the right knife for each purpose, master its use, sharpen and maintain your knife. You’ll also learn how to debone a chicken, and prepare a chicken traybake perfect for a delicious family dinner.

Kitchen knives

Discover a selection of the most needed knives for any home cook. In this video, you’ll find out how to maintain and care for your knives and even how to choose the right chopping board.

Breaking down a chicken

In this video you’ll learn how to debone a chicken into eight pieces ready to cook, and what pieces you can keep for stock.

Chicken traybake recipe

A simple tasty traybake perfect for midweek family meals.

Videos filmed by Caitlin Bell, long standing member of The Essential Ingredient staff and food stylist.


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