Surry Hills Cake Tin Hire

The secret to an impressive novelty cake starts with the tin you bake it in. We carry a range of fun cake tins for the next time you want to make a novelty cake for the child in your life. Rental is for four days, cost is $10, and pleasure is guaranteed. See full details below.

Numbers 0 to 9 (H 14″, D 3″ W varied), 3D Round Sports Ball, 3D Teddy Bear, Aeroplane, Butterfly, Castle Bundt, Caterpillar, Cone (6), 3D Cupcake, Dinosaur, Dolly Varden, 2D Dolly, Enchanted Castle, Football, Football Jersey, Holy Cross, Pirate Ship, Soccer Ball, Stadium Bundt, Teddy Bear, Train.



  • Cake tin hire is for a four day time period or multiples thereof.
  • The cost is $10 per time period.
  • The time period includes public holidays and Sundays.
  • For example, if pick up is at 11am on Friday, return will be on or before 11am on the following Tuesday.
  • Late returns will be charged for an additional time period.
  • If the tin is returned damaged (excluding natural discolouration from the baking process), the cost of replacing the tin will apply.
  • If tin are returned without having being properly cleaned – i.e. the tin contains ingredient residue or is greasy – a $10 cleaning fee will apply.
  • Payment is to be made in advance.
  • A credit card ‘swipe’ for the full retail value of the tin is required as a holding deposit and this will be charged in the event of tin/s not being returned or being returned damaged.
  • This decision is made solely at the discretion of Essential Ingredient staff.


  • Numeral tins are not guaranteed to be watertight, so they must be greased and lined with baking paper.
  • Themed tins are to be greased with vegetable shortening (e.g. Crisco) or butter and then floured. Do not use oil or non-stick spray.
  • Wash tin by hand (not in the dishwasher) in hot soapy water.
  • Finish drying in a very low oven.
  • Do not use sharp objects or bash the tin to try and remove the cake,
  • Remember to return the tin cleaned and in good condition, otherwise a cleaning fee or full replacement cost will be charged (see above).