The Essential Ingredient Paella Gift Box

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The perfect paella starts with the best ingredients, all gathered here in a Spanish polished steel paella pan. Know someone with a taste for travel and a love of entertaining? This is the gift for them.

1 x El Cid Polished Steel Paella Pan 26cm
1 x Virgen De La Esperanza Arroz Bomba Calasparra Rice 500g
1 x Pedro Luis Piquillo de Lodosa Peppers Whole 215g
1 x La Dalia Paella Spice Mix 100g
1 x The Essential Ingredient Category One Saffron Threads 1g
1 x Paez Morilla ‘De Jerez Gran Gusto’ Sherry Vinegar 375ml

Please note contents of gift boxes subject to change based on availability.

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