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Lightweight, natural and always in style, there’s something about linen that manages to effortlessly go with every unique kitchen and dining room style. Whether you’re looking for a linen table runner, napkin, tea towel or oven cloth, The Essential Ingredient is the place to shop. Browse our full range of table linen online today.


An elegant and useful choice

Not only is linen an attractive and classic material that can bring an element of class and style to your table, it’s also a functional choice — especially important for items such as napkins. Naturally absorbent and soft to the touch, linen napkins are perfect for use during a meal. In addition to the fabric’s aesthetic and functional qualities, linen is easy to wash and care for — so you can use your linen table runner, napkins and other linen tableware for years to come. Not only can linen napkins be washed and then used again, quality, high-grade linen actually increases in strength and absorbancy with each use.


High-quality linen napkins, table runners and more

Whether you have a modern kitchen aesthetic or a more traditional style, you’ll find the linen tableware at The Essential Ingredient to suit your unique taste. Our white, grey, beige and natural linen table runners and napkins have an original yet timeless look; while our bright blue, green and striped linen items will bring a more modern pop of colour to any setting. Whatever your personal style and size requirements, The Essential Ingredient is the place to find high-quality linen napkins in Australia.


Buy table linens online at The Essential Ingredient today

Renowned for our extensive range of premium cookware, including plates, serving bowls and serving dishes, and homewares including our linen table runners, napkins, tea towel, and more, The Essential Ingredient has everything you need to kit out your kitchen, dining room and beyond. Browse our range of linen napkins online today and enjoy easy delivery of your new favourite table linen right to your door — no matter where in Australia you are.


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