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It’s often said that a poor workman blames his tools, but it’s also true that a good chef is nothing without the right cooking utensils. Whether it’s a perfectly balanced wooden spoon, a spatula that flexes just enough to turn delicate fish in the pan with ease, or a kitchen gadget you can’t believe you used to live without, you’ll find the right tool for the job in our collection of kitchen utensils


Make complicated dishes a breeze with the right cooking and baking utensils

Sometimes the difference between a restaurant-quality dish and a home-cooked one is simply down to the quality of the utensils. Whether you prefer wooden cooking utensils, stainless steel implements or silicone styles, using the right tool can save you from a dreaded culinary disaster. From levelling cakes to getting the perfect internal temperature on a large roast, our kitchen gadgets and utensils provide that extra helping hand as you whip up your next cheffy creation. 

Our collection of premium stainless steel kitchen utensils from French cookware specialists De Buyer will delight any keen cook and make a stunning addition to your kitchen, while our range of cooking and baking utensils are your secret weapon for building a towering croquembouche, adding pristine piping on cakes, baking crispy meringue and golden brown biscuits. You won’t find a better selection of kitchen gadgets in Australia.  


Discover quality kitchen utensils and more at The Essential Ingredient

The Essential Ingredient’s online store is your one-stop destination for delicious herbs and spices, quality baking and pantry staples and kitchen equipment that will last for years. Choose from the highest quality kitchen utensils made by some of the world’s most trusted and reliable brands, including whisks, spatulas, tongs, squeeze bottles, thermometers or a premium chef’s knife to take your cutting skills to the next level.  


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