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The way you choose to handle your ingredients can often have a large impact on the outcome. For example, when it comes to creating silky smooth mashes, purees, and sauces, one of the quality moulis or presses from The Essential Ingredient will yield a much more delicate result than a food processor. Discover our range of high-quality mouli graters, tortilla presses and graters from premium cookware brands, ready to give your favourite restaurants a run for their money. 


The creamiest mashed potatoes you’ll ever make 

Parisian mash is the perfect representation of decadent French dining — a silky, buttery, creamy potato mash that both celebrates the ingredients, and takes them to the next level. Along with quality butter, the secret to Paris mash is using a moulis, also known as a food mill, or a potato press to break down your baked potatoes. Passing your potatoes through the hand-cranked moulis results in the smoothest, creamiest mash you’ll ever make, avoiding the gluey texture a food processor imparts. Our professional selection of mouli graters are sturdy, easy to use and guaranteed to last, giving you years of not only incredible mashed potato, but fruit purees, tomato sauces and more. 


Great cooking starts with good ingredients and the right tools

Any dish, no matter how impressive, has humble beginnings. A Mexican feast begins with high-quality flour, a tortilla press, and a little bit of skill. The most complex pastries start with their basic components, waiting for a little bit of magic to transform them into their final delicious form. At The Essential Ingredient, we love helping home cooks bring the magic into their own kitchens with premium equipment and inspiring ingredients. Our store is a wonderland of flavours from around the world, as well as handy gadgets, utensils, and high-quality pantry staples like olive oil, salt and pepper. 

Whether you’re a budding cook looking to experiment with new dishes, or a lifelong foodie who understands the difference quality can make, our online store has what you’re looking for. Invest in professional-grade kitchen tools like our moulis and presses, peruse ingredients from around the world, or select a gift for the gourmand in your life today. 


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