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One of the most essential tools in your cupboard, a mixing bowl is your key to well-dressed salads, smooth pancake batters, delicious fritters and so much more. Whether you’re looking for that perfect everyday stainless steel mixing bowl or are keen to equip yourself with a range of mixing bowls in different sizes, our range of mixing bowls online includes something for every purpose


Shop glass and metal mixing bowls

The Essential Ingredients offers a curated collection of mixing bowls for all purposes. We love metal mixing bowls because they’re light, easy to manipulate, durable, and can be warmed or chilled easily. For superior whisking, explore our premium metal mixing bowls from celebrated French brand De Buyer, where copper is used to help stabilise and better aerate egg whites. 

For melting chocolate and using a double boiler or microwave, look no further than our glass mixing bowls — made of thick sturdy glass for heavy kitchen use. 


A large mixing bowl can improve your baking

While it might seem like one of the most basic kitchen skills, proper mixing is an underrated art. Whether you need to gently fold beaten egg whites while preserving their aeriness, or are whisking together ingredients for the perfect crêpe, the right mixing technique can mean the difference between a lumpy batter and a smooth one; a well-risen soufflé or a disappointingly flat one. 

Choosing the right sized mixing bowl is the key to getting ingredients perfectly incorporated. Many assume that a medium mixing bowl will fit their mixture, but this leaves little room for proper mixing technique, and can lead to undissolved lumps of flour, or ingredients overflowing onto the kitchen bench. A large glass mixing bowl is a must-have for any well-appointed kitchen. It allows you to easily mix ingredients and incorporate air into a cake batter, while the glass walls help you to see when your mixture is ready for the next step.


Discover mixing bowls and more at The Essential Ingredient

From mixing bowls to high-quality cooking utensils, The Essential Ingredient has all the specialty kitchen equipment you need. Shop our online boutique from the comfort of your home, with delivery to anywhere in Australia


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