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Whether you’re a beginner baker or a seasoned chef, no kitchen session is complete without a protective cooking apron and linen tea towels. With absorbant tea towels and a kitchen apron on hand from The Essential Ingredient, you’ll be free to cook without fear of ruining your clothes, and dry your dishes in style. Browse our full range of kitchen linen online today.

Find the perfect cooking apron

No matter how careful you are when you’re cooking or baking, certain ingredients always seem to get all over your clothes. Whether it’s the flour you’re using to bake a cake, tomato soup bubbling up from the pot or even the droplets of egg white that cling to your fingers after you crack an egg, you’ll keep your clothes clean and ingredient-free with a kitchen apron from The Essential Ingredient. From handcrafted, lightweight cowhide aprons to 100% pure linen, our cooking aprons are not only the perfect place to wipe messy hands but are also aesthetically beautiful and designed to last for years.

Linen tea towels to match your kitchen aesthetic

From drying kitchen equipment to removing hot trays from the oven, wiping water spills and even being used as a hot pad on your kitchen bench, tea towels are essential in any kitchen. More often than not, tea towels are hung in a prominent position in the kitchen to make them easy to reach when needed, so they should also match your aesthetics and add to your kitchen’s overall decor. Add a pop of colour to your modern, monochrome kitchen with a bright blue design from our collection or emphasise your statement splashback with a linen tea towel in the same colour. Whatever your unique kitchen style or your intended use, you’ll find the perfect linen tea towels for your kitchen online.

Shop our range of kitchen linen online today

As they say, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference. From handy linen tea towels for wiping away spills to kitchen aprons for everyday protection, The Essential Ingredient has everything you need to get busy and stay safe and clean in the kitchen. Browse our thoughtfully curated range of linen tableware and kitchen linen online today and enjoy easy delivery straight to your door. 


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