Shop for everything you need for a well-stocked, functional kitchen; from basics like mixing bowls, strainers and chopping boards to specialist tools like piping bags, mandolins and tweezers will help lift your cooking from rustic to refined. You can also shop for kitchen accessories according to your preferred materials such as wood or cork. High-grade napkins and tea towels handcrafted in Eastern Europe from 100% linen are a durable investment and a stunning way to dress your table and bring glassware to a high shine. A clean kitchen makes better food, which is why The Essential Ingredient stocks a range of top-quality cleaning products like De Buyer copper cleaner and Silampos stainless steel cleaner for pots and pans, as well as a range of its own cleaning brushes carved from sustainable wood and featuring firm bristles for durability and hygiene. Buy everything your kitchen needs online for delivery all over Australia.


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