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Sweet, creamy and floral. Vanilla is loved not only for its intoxicating scent, but also for its versatile use as a key ingredient in many delicious treats and desserts. As passionate chefs, bakers and foodies ourselves, we at The Essential Ingredient have collected some of the world’s best vanilla products. Browse our range online today and find the perfect ingredients for your next batch of tasty treats. 


No kitchen is complete without vanilla

Accentuating the flavour of other ingredients and pairing perfectly with other spices, vanilla is the most popular flavour in the world, adding sweet and warming notes that compliment anything vanilla is added to. Whether you’re planning on baking classic cupcakes, custard or cookies, or you’re making a refreshing iced vanilla latte or milkshake on a warm day, vanilla products are a must-have in every pantry. 


Our collection of vanilla products online

Named after Ile de Bourbon, now called Reunion Islandan island off the east coast of Madagascar where some of the world’s best vanilla beans are grown our range of Bourbon vanilla products includes something for every purpose. A staple in every baker’s stash of essential ingredients, vanilla extract is adds a natural vanilla kick to any dessert. And for recipes that call for vanilla pastes, our Bourbon vanilla bean paste has a sweet, creamy, and slightly floral flavour profile.

For the real pastry connoisseurs or those who like to create their own homemade vanilla products, you’ll also find pure, plump, premium vanilla beans, ideal for all kinds of delicious baking. Looking for something a little different to the traditional vanilla bean? Tonka beans — a famous South American legume that is often used in cooking and flavouring desserts – have a musky, vanilla-esque flavour that pairs wells with fruit


Browse our range of vanilla products today

From extract and beans to vanilla paste, The Essential Ingredient only stocks the finest vanilla products, for all your baking ingredient needs. Browse our range online or visit one of our stores in Albury, Canberra, Newcastle, Orange, Prahran, South Melbourne and Surry Hills today. There’s no better place to buy high-quality vanilla online.


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