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Heady, indulgent and complex; earthy truffles are one of the most luxurious and highly soughtafter ingredients in the culinary universe — able to transform the most simple of dishes to something truly incredible. Create your next gastronomic masterpiece with a dash of truffle oil, a sprinkling of truffle salt, or another condiment from our truffle collection.

Discover our range of unique truffle products in Australia

As well as a selection of truffle salts and oils, you’ll find a range of exotic truffle products at The Essential Ingredient. Italian-imported mushroom and black truffle salsa is rich in earthy and umami notes — perfect for smearing over crostini or adding a meaty bite to vegan and vegetarian dishes.

For an unforgettable antipasto platter, try dwarf peaches marinated in truffle oil. These small, unripe peaches are preserved in a delicate combination of vinegar, oil and fragrant truffle essence for a crunchy and truly unique mouthful.

How to cook with truffle

Truffle is powerful and rich, and can dominate other flavours in a dish if not used thoughtfully. In order to make the most of its bold aroma and flavour, truffle is often most effectively deployed on simple dishes. Try pairing it with a simple starch like pasta or polenta for maximum impact. Drizzle truffle oil over carbonara, or stir it through creamy mashed potatoes. For something different, try whipping up a truffle pesto sauce. Fresh green herbs and citrus provide a bright counterpoint to truffle’s heavy and distinct flavour, while parmesan and garlic blend well with its funky savoury notes.

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Whether you’re a first-timer looking to experience this ingredient through quality truffle oil, or a seasoned truffle-lover wanting to explore a fragrant truffle-infused meadow honey, you’ll find the perfect ingredient for your dish at The Essential Ingredient. Visit one of our stores in Albury, Canberra, Newcastle, Orange, Prahran, South Melbourne and Surry Hills or shop online and enjoy easy delivery of your truffle products, Australia wide. Sourcing gourmet ingredients has never been easier!


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